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It ALL starts with an idea... An idea encompasses literally any and every aspect of the imagination, and represents 100% of all human advancement! An idea represents the closest thing to human immortality, especially if it lasts over decades or centuries, or even millennia! It can come in all forms and genres. There are no boundaries.
Intellectual Property Valuation

Understanding the principles of intellectual property valuation, how they are determined and what you can do to streamline this process to your advantage, is a vital component piece of successfully taking your product to market. This course is designed to give detailed information on the steps and processes used in IP valuation.

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Product Evaluation

Product/concept evaluation must occur on multiple levels, in a dynamic manner to get the most accurate and reliable outcome.  The missing ingredient to the success formula for new ideas is often the absence of advice. These fine companies specialize in vetting, pricing and guidance with regards to intellectual property.

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In an era where ideas are stolen every second, one must be very knowledgeable about IP Protection and Execution. These fine companies and firms specialize in protecting every facet of the innovator’s protective rights and liberties.

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Research and Design

Developing the idea to its most effective form is a rigorous process and one that often should not be tackled alone. After determining whether or not a product/concept possesses the value and merit sufficient to justify market pursuit, Research and Design (R&D) is the most crucial Pillar in the development phase.  Branding and marketing can overcome a lot of mediocrity, but only for the short term.  Well executed R&D has the potential to turn mediocre into good, and good into great. Conversely, poorly executed R&D can turn great into mediocre on its way to catastrophic. These fine companies specialize in research, design, CAD and well, just making sure the idea will work!

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Manufacturing has a lot of moving parts, and can range from simple assembly of existing parts, to building custom molds and full production lines for specialized material processing.  It is important to develop and maintain relationships with manufacturers across material lines. This provides a lot of human resource benefits, as well as real time costs, current best practices and manufacturing lead times. Even as a licensor, you will need this information, and the benefits it/they provide. This not only opens doors for identifying potential licensees, it also give you the data information and scope of work to make expansion, as a licensor or a “general” contractor substantially more feasible. These fine companies specialize in manufacturer relationships, prototyping, materials and feasibility.

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Branding and Marketing

Brilliant branding and marketing can generate enormous profits and exposure. While the product itself is always the most influential in terms of value, this Pillar will absolutely make the difference between success and failure.  The product must “have a niche,” “fill a need,” “provide a valuable service,” A strong branding and marketing strategy can leverage the product’s strength(s). Again, the opposite result, having little or no strategy, can turn a brilliant/valuable/convenient/ idea into an ill-conceived expenditure of resources. These fine companies specialize in building the Brand, Logo Design, Web Design, Business Card and Collateral Development, Trade Show Materials and Video Production.   

The spectrum of developing a branding and marketing strategy can range from first to market, to securing market share within an existing competitive market environment. While media placement remains a science of its own, the advent of social media has created a new market and opened an entirely new frontier for marketing. These fine companies specialize in Market Research, Strategic Branding Initiatives, Strategic Planning, Social Media, Content Marketing, Media Placement and Market Segment Infiltration

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Sales and Distribution

Product licensing should always be considered as a viable option. A licensor’s typical duty is to collect checks from the mailbox. However, there are a variety of ways to structure a licensing agreement, which can allow for co-marketing and product development. There are also a wide variety of sub-licensing options available, as illustrated in the above categories. Affiliate sales are essentially structured as an online community of e marketers that provide their own marketing and advertising to sale products and services created by others.  The Beer Machine could be “funneled” through an affiliate program, however, high dollar items usually fair better in a more traditional from of marketing, whether it be online or “brick and mortar.” Distribution channels include wholesale, retail and B2B, as well as online “storefronts” for a buy in demand option. Individual retail outlet relationships can also be negotiated, and Trade-show affiliations providing for “direct” order placement and subsequent payment would be an excellent option for this product as well. These fine companies specialize in every facet of the Sales and Distribution Eco System.

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When you are trying to determine the right course of action for your invention, it is extremely important to learn the basics of risk mangement, appropriate patent types, and liability issues. These factors apply to raising capital, licensing your product, and just running a business in general.

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We have put together a comprehensive guide to both the types of resources you will need to become a successful inventor, and different resources we have used in the past. This course will guide you through the process and give you ideas on how to progress with your idea!

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Raising capital to take your idea from paper napkin to profit can be a full time job. If you don't know the basics of what investors are looking for, the process of raising capital, and realistic expectations of the how long it can take, you are likely to fail. We've taken the time to put together a short course on the basics of funding and what you should do next.

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So you have a great idea, but what is it's impact? On you, the environment, or society in general? These are all issues you need to consider as you move forward. Each one of them will have relevance to your branding, the type of investor to reach out to, and the likelihood of customers being willing to adopt your invention.

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