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About Ideashares

About Ideashares® & Ideashield® 

IdeaSphere is a proprietary neutral assessment  platform  with multiple tiers of individual and collective analysis based on proprietary  algorithms, formulas and systems.  This review analysis,  is a result of your responses and a summary of your categorical and overall test scores, with evaluation and instructive commentary applicable to each response. We use the test to create a set of circumstances for you, based on the attributes of your idea/product. 


The IdeaSphere consists of 36 questions representing 7 primary categories and multiple sub-categories.  The average time required for a “first timer” is 45 minutes. We strongly encourage you to utlize the resources we provide, inclusive of Keys to The Question, and Keys to the Category links, which you will find directly to the right of each question.  Additionally, you can visit IdeaShares University at any time before, during and after the test. 


You may take the test in one pass, or revisit it as often as you like.  We retain your responses in accordance with your progress. Take the test as often as you deem appropriate, as you increase your knowledge and refine your results. Please note, you must see a “completed date” to the right of your test(s) to access your score and Review Analysis. If you do not see the date, that means at least one question (main or confidence) has not been answered. 


You may also test as many ideas and products as you wish, with absolute confidence of confidentiality, as our system is designed to maintain dual anonymity. You never disclose any details pertaining to your idea or product (until you present it to one or more of our vetted ISN service partners and/or our group of private, vetted investors), and nobody will ever have access to your intellectual property, absent your knowledge and consent.  That is a central design feature of our system.

Your Review Analysis is available on your Account Page (upper right corner of the Home Page) under the Analysis link, and can be downloaded to your computer, but will remain resident in your account. Your Account Page also features the following links: Edit (to edit your test(s), File (IdeaShield generates a USPTO form SB-16, provisional patent form, and populates primary fields based on your previous entries and responses), and Revisit, which allows you to revisit your IdeaSphere Test. 


IdeaSphere also generates a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) based on your responses, and are additionally “factored” for relevance and importance within the application, thus providing another product assessment tool.  


Your responses are (or should be) directly proportional to your knowledge and proficiency for each question and category. The IdeaSphere Analytics Tool evaluates within those parameters. Accurate and reliable results are entirely dependent on the responses provided by the user. The test scores each question and category separately and collectively, impacting and resulting in a final overall score ranging from 0-1000.


IdeaSphere also has Conflict and Clarification Alert built in. A Conflict results from opposing responses that can occur, and also decreases the score (on that question only) by fifty percent to adjust for accuracy and reliability. A Clarification is simply a post application instructive component that may appear, again depending on your responses. 


IdeaSphere is also designed to estimate proficiency and progress by using past IdeaSphere scores to monitor different responses over the course of multiple tests.  You maintain complete control of confidentiality unless you decide to “go public” on the site. When and how often you take the test is also at your discretion. Time will be your only investment. Confidence in having a good grasp on the entire product development process will serve as an excellent guide for determining when you believe you have reached maximum accuracy. Make sure your confidence is based in reality.