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Test your Ideas with our Proprietary Ideasphere (Patent Pending)

Whether your Idea is Digital, Electrical, Mechanical, Intellectual or a service or product based business, test its Relevancy, Impact, and Market potential with the Internet's most robust idea vetting system.

You will receive an Ideasphere score for each Idea you test as well an in depth SWOT analysis for future development.

Best of all... it's free!
Protect Your Idea

IdeaShield makes it easy to protect your idea

We have worked hard to create a safe environment while empowering you with the most efficient and cost effective way to protect your idea... now! Our proprietary provisional patent population system (IdeaShield) will give you the necessary resources and road map to file on your own and become patent pending in a matter of hours.

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DEVELOP your idea

Develop your ideas through our Ideashares Network, a thoroughly vetted and carefully selected vendor marketplace that will help you in all facets of your idea development process. Special pricing and vendor partner accountability insure that you get the services you need, when you need them and for a fair price.

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Ideashares is a Virtual Idea Incubator that compresses the time, costs and risk associated with the early stages of Ideation. Our mission is to help great people activate great ideas by providing them with most efficient path from paper napkin to profit.


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